Dr. Aurora M. Samson Reyna


“It is heavenly coincidence that Maria Aurora carries the surname Samson-Reyna. We know the biblical “Samson” for being strong and the word “Reyna” is a royal title given a queen. In her person we see these fused together–she is someone of sterling character and gifted with nobility of spirit. Traits that carry through her advocacy of arts and culture–which has been an almost lifelong pursuit. As a young graduate of a New York University, she came back home to Dagupan and embarked on their promotion in the city which at the time could be said to be half asleep. In fact, through her, our fledgling theater group partnered with the school in our own bid to revitalize Pangasinan’s moribund cultural heritage. It has been decades hence, and she has not missed a beat.”

Rexc Catubig,
a prolific columnist and advocate of the arts and culture preservation

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