Welcome to the University of Luzon!

A year from now, the University will be observing its 75th year of fruitful existence in the education of our people. That we have come this far is a shining tribute to the educational leadership and statesmanship of the chief architect of this hallowed institution of higher learning, the late Dr. Luis F. Samson, Sr., for his energy and vision.

Our enviable track record as an academic institution speaks for itself: the grant of University status in 2002; level II second reaccredited status in 2003 which paved the way for our deregulated status in the same year, awarded by the Philippines Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation among the TOP 10 private higher education institutions with the most number of accredited programs (the only provincial private HEI to be accorded such honor and distinction) in 2003 which was duplicated in 2004, this time, earning the same distinction in the category of accredited academic programs and majors – truly a more impressive accomplishment.

With this academic reputation, may I extend my invitation to all our youth interested in taking an active role in the promotion of the knowledge skills and values which will eventually lead the country in the frontiers of economic prosperity and political stability. At UL, we will help you chart your pathways to excellence and success.

Come, join us here and see the difference. Visit us now!


Vice President for Academic Affairs