Campus Safety

As an integral part of the University of Luzon’s ongoing effort to protect the rights and well-being of every member of the community, campus safety is accorded the utmost importance. Students must be able to learn, explore, and create memories in an environment free from distractions, worries, and fears in order to have a fulfilling college experience. Similarly, the safety of all campus stakeholders, including but not limited to faculty, non-teaching staff, administrative personnel, and visitors, is ensured.

Our security personnel are trained professionals whose primary objective is to ensure that everyone on campus is safe, secure, and content. The university has installed 24-hour surveillance closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) throughout its campus to effectively deter criminal activity and protect the safety of students, faculty, and other staff who occupy or visit campus property. To protect against the possibility of fires, there are extinguishers located near each classroom as well as the building’s exits. Also scheduled on a regular basis are fire and earthquake drills, and all members of the university community are expected to adhere to the emergency preparedness guidelines. Certified OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) officers are also present to identify and prevent hazards that may arise from cleaning, maintenance, and construction work in progress. On campus, we have discipline officers roaming and closely monitoring floors and facilities, responsible for maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly environment in which all members of the university community can pursue their educational objectives. The perimeter of the campus is continuously patrolled by local law enforcement officers to ensure that unauthorized entry is strictly monitored. This also allows them to observe suspicious activities, which contributes to the safety of everyone on campus. No appointment is required to visit the university clinic, which serves students, faculty, and staff. In addition, we are affiliated with the Luzon Medical Center, where we have access to a 24-hour pharmacy and an emergency room with trauma facilities available around the clock. We are also equipped to deal with CoViD-19 and treat these cases according to best practices and protocols.

Obviously, everyone’s safety is not only a concern when they are on campus. Even before our community members, students and staff alike, leave their homes, we do our best to disseminate safety and security information regarding natural disasters, impending flooding, and large-scale incidents, among many other warnings that we deem pertinent and timely for them. We reach students through social media and text messaging, and our websites and news outlets provide access to a wealth of current information about these and other identified issues.

All of the aforementioned elements and characteristics contribute to a safe and secure environment for our community and property.

Contacting Campus Safety Department

We are here for you. The Campus Safety Department, located at the University’s Entrance gate in Perez Blvd., operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help keep University of Luzon as free as possible from threats for your safety or well-being. Should you need any assistance, you may reach the Campus Safety Department via phone or text at +639437025064.Your safety is our utmost priority.

When to call Campus Safety vs Emergency Hotline 16911

For (a) suspicious activity (b) trespassing (c) inquiries regarding security services such as CCTV camera footage in buildings (d) incidents of non-violent theft (e) Lost and Found items (f) noise disturbances and (g) all other non-violent crimes, please contact the UL Campus Safety Department.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency or violent crime, particularly if the perpetrator is nearby and/or armed, call the Emergency Hotline 16911 and notify the Campus Safety Department.