The University of Luzon remains committed to the idea that a solid education is the best way to secure a bright future for oneself and one’s community. In keeping with this philosophy, the university has an open-door policy and works hard to attract talented students from all backgrounds. We feel that a more well-rounded education is achieved through exposure to the perspectives and experiences of a student body that is reflective of the world at large.

To promote equality and inclusivity in the pursuit of knowledge, as many people as possible should be afforded the opportunity to study, learn, and grow. Similarly, it is crucial to guarantee that students have access to a safe and conducive learning environment as well as the tools they need to grow and realize their full potential.

Since its founding, the University of Luzon has worked to stay at the cutting edge of educational innovation. We believe so strongly in the power of education to change lives that we’ve designed our curriculum around giving students the skills and knowledge they’ll need to thrive in today’s interconnected global economy. Our cutting-edge curriculum is designed to meet the needs of today’s students, and our faculty includes some of the most accomplished experts in their fields. A world-class education is available to all students, providing them with every opportunity for success.


Director for International Relations