Campus Community

The blurb: “You’re alive at the University of Luzon,” is not an idle assertion.

The university is home to a wide variety of academic, leadership, sports, and social/cultural clubs and organizations. To put it simply, UL is a haven for our youth in terms of their academic and leadership growth, as well as their participation in and appreciation of the arts and culture.

Consider these strings of organizations:

  • the Supreme Student Council
  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountancy
  • Commerce and Secretarial Student
  • Electronic Learning Information Technology Enthusiast @ University of Luzon – Computer Studies
  • Criminology Supreme Student Council
  • Liberal Arts Students Council
  • Medical Technology and Pharmacy Student Council
  • College of HRM, Tourism and Applied Technology Student Council
  • College of Engineering and Architecture Student Council
  • Junior Personnel Management Association of the Philippines
  • University of Luzon Management Society
  • University of Luzon Marketers’ Accord
  • University of Luzon Student’s Finance League
  • UL Golden Tigers Varsity Team
  • and Young Entrepreneurs’ Society, among many others.

Further, believing that culture is the highest expression of education, this institution has put the highest premium on promoting performance and appreciation of the arts.

UL is proud to be the cultural hub of Northern Luzon. Its cultural arm consists of the University of Luzon Theatre and Dance Company, the UL Chamber Choir, and the famous UL Drum and Bugle Corps, a Hall of Fame National Champion.

Its performances are known to always be ingenious and spectacular. Apart from participation in competitions, the ULTDC, ULCC, and the ULDBC regularly hold public performances to the delight of Pangasinenses. Every city and provincial activity is considered extra special if the parade or the program includes any of the three cultural arms of the university – the acknowledged university treasures and ambassadors of goodwill.

The UL Golden Tigers, a powerhouse of intercollegiate athletics, also call our school home. They have earned a reputation for the intensity and competition of their play, as well as the effort and preparation they put into each and every game. Our sports teams have been very successful at both the national and international levels. Notable examples include Nancy Navalta, a UL alumna who rose to prominence on a national level thanks to her accomplishments in track and field, and Jason Ramil Macaalay, a karateka who won a silver medal at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games and competed in the 18th Asian Games. Mr. Macaalay also took part in the 2021 Karate World Olympic Qualifying Tournament that was held in Paris.

Overall, the University of Luzon campus community provides a dynamic and inclusive environment for students to grow academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Through its various organizations, events, services, facilities, and sports, the university aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who are prepared to contribute positively to society.


Director for Student Affairs