University Logo and Colors

The flame, the book, the strong maroon, the precious gold and the year 1948 say it all for an education institution that has been serving for more than half a century, as a goldmine of skills and values for young people in preparing them for a tougher and more challenging life ahead.

Starting from a gold base, an open book is framed. The source of knowledge, in an imposing power of maroon, is anchored on principles as pure as gold that can never be affected by adulterations and rusts brought about by the changes of times. Like gold, this knowledge can never be outdated; and like the strength of maroon, knowledge is the cure-all of ills brought about by ignorance.

The burning golden flame conveys drive and value. Without light, knowledge drowned in the dark remains untapped and is useless.

The source of knowledge, the book and the source of light, the flame brings forth a truly enlightening wisdom that sheds light on anyone who is willing to partake of its powerful glow, a golden glow that started to shine in the eventful year of 1948.