About Us

My father, Dr. Luis F. Samson, Sr., together with three other pioneering men: Atty. Liberato Ll. Reyna, Sr., Dean Basilio Fernandez and Dean Servillano Romasanta founded the University of Luzon as the Luzon Colleges of Commerce and Business Administration in 1948 which was later renamed as the Luzon Colleges in the early 1950’s as an exponent of Philippine nationalism and culture in this part of the country.

Together, they labored tenaciously with an abiding faith and incurable optimism for an educational system which would produce the noblest in the Filipino. They ventured in an educational odyssey believing in the truism that education is deeply rooted in democratic philosophy…that the democratic way of life requires an educated citizenry capable of actively participating in the affairs of the State. The basic foundation of true democracy in this country can only be insured or safeguarded by raising the general level of intelligence of our people.

Now more than ever, the University faces starkly the vicissitudes of the future with undiminished hope and optimism as it enters its 68th fruitful year of committed, dedicated and devoted service in the education of our people. We remain undaunted with the challenges that lie ahead for we believe in the capabilities and potentials of the Filipino.

As the newly installed president of this revered academic seat of higher learning, I reaffirm my commitment to the noble cause of true education. May I therefore extend a glad hand to our youth all over the Region and beyond to come and enroll with us – to slake their thirst for knowledge at UL and be the best that they can be!


DR. MACARTHUR M. SAMSON, SR. University President