International Admission

Foreign students must comply with all regulations of the Commission on Immigration and Deportation (CID) and those of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The following credentials must be submitted by a foreign applicant to the University of Luzon Guidance Center, which will coordinate with the College Dean concerned for decision in admission or non-admission of the applicant:

1. Study Permit from CHED.

2. Photo copy of Alien Certificate of Registration (from CID).

3. Original copy of the transcript records from last school attended certifying to having finished at least the equivalent of a Philippine high school graduation. (Transcripts which are not in English shall be translated and certified to by the Philippine Consulate or Embassy official in the country of origin).

4. (If applicant’s native language is not English) – A certification of English proficiency, certified to by a responsible Philippine Consulate official in the country of origin.

5. Certificate of Physical Examination, certified to by a Philippine government physician.

6. Evidence of sufficient funds to support his/her stay in the Philippines for the duration of the study.

Final interview by the College Dean concerned shall be conducted for all transferring and foreign students before final admission is decided. ADMISSION TO THE UNIVERSITY OF LUZON DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION TO A PARTICULAR PROGRAM OF STUDY.