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The University Library is acknowledged as one of the best libraries in Region 1 by the Commission on Higher Education, the UL Central Library is considered to be the heart of the university.

According to the best authorities, the first known libraries of the world were temples and the first librarians were priests. We found in that historic character of the library the symbol with which we can rally our youth to better and constructive efforts; to bring forth a new crusade among our people to recapture values we are wantonly throwing away for unwise, transient and sometimes immoral advantages.

As such, The UL library is intended not only as a mere treasure house of books and publications but a powerhouse from where all useful currents of thoughts would radiate to provide light and heat to all those who are desirous and willing to develop the activity of their thought and be receptive to beauty and human feeling. The University Library is an indispensable center of academic activity and cultural respository. The library is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mondays to Saturdays.

The UL Administration makes the continuous improvement of the library as one of its priority thrusts in the hope that it will help arouse in its academic community greater passion for truth.


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E-Library Hub

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PHL CHED Connect Platform contains higher education materials in various formats that are useful for teaching, learning and research purposes. To view the page please click the link below.

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