University of Luzon’s Dean of College of Engineering and Architecture-AIT Champions Sustainability at Manila Conference

Posted on 7th of Sep 2023 by


Engineer Geronimo Carvajal, esteemed Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture-AIT at the University of Luzon, reaffirmed the institution’s commitment to sustainable engineering practices as he participated in the groundbreaking conference, “Sustainable Proactive Advocacies in Civil Engineering.” The event, which took place at the prestigious Century Park Hotel in Manila from September 4 to 5, 2023, proved to be a vital platform for advancing innovative strategies and solutions for sustainable engineering.

The conference, aptly themed “Sustainable Proactive Advocacies in Civil Engineering,” resonates deeply with the University’s vision of promoting responsible and forward-thinking practices in the field of engineering. It provided a significant forum for experts, scholars, and professionals to deliberate on the pressing challenges facing civil engineering in today’s world and to chart a course toward a more sustainable future.

Engineer Carvajal’s participation in this vital event underscored the University’s dedication to fostering a culture of sustainability within the academic community. It also showcased the University’s commitment to equipping its students with the knowledge and skills required to address contemporary global issues, particularly those related to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The theme of the conference holds particular significance in the context of today’s world. As the global population continues to grow, and urbanization accelerates, the demand for infrastructure and construction has surged. However, this surge also brings environmental challenges such as increased carbon emissions, resource depletion, and habitat destruction. Sustainable engineering, as discussed at the conference, seeks to address these issues by developing innovative, eco-friendly solutions and practices.

Engineer Carvajal’s presence and active participation at the conference highlighted the importance of staying at the forefront of sustainable engineering practices. His insights and contributions, informed by his extensive experience in the field, further enriched the discussions and ideas presented during the event.

The University of Luzon recognizes the pivotal role that its faculty members, such as Engineer Carvajal, play in shaping the educational experience and values of its students. By actively engaging in conferences and initiatives that champion sustainability, the University aims to inspire its students to become responsible, forward-thinking engineers who are not only technically proficient but also dedicated to minimizing their impact on the environment.

As the University of Luzon continues to empower its faculty and students to embrace sustainability in engineering, the institution reaffirms its commitment to producing graduates who can address the complex challenges of the modern world while preserving the planet for future generations.