University of Luzon Showcases Cultural Heritage at First-ever Artisanal Fair in Pangasinan

Posted on 27th of Apr 2023 by


The University of Luzon is proud to be part of an exciting initiative by the provincial government of Pangasinan, Philippines, through the Center for Pangasinan Studies (CPS) that aims to preserve the culture and arts of the region.

To promote the preservation of Pangasinan’s rich cultural heritage, the first-ever Artisanal Fair was organized under the CPS. The event, called “Ipatawir”, which means “to pass down” in Pangasinan, was held from April 27 to 29 on Maramba Avenue in Lingayen.

The University of Luzon was given the opportunity to showcase their research and products in two booths at the fair. One of the booths was presented by the Pozorrubio campus, featuring their impressive blacksmithing project and a short film entry for the competition. In addition, some of the University’s students performed a traditional dance while wielding locally-forged swords in front of their booth, which captured the attention of visitors.

The Artisanal Fair attracted key figures, including Governor Ramon V. Guico III and Congressman Christopher de Venecia, who are known for their unwavering support for preserving Pangasinan culture and arts. Notably, replicas of some blades featured in popular movies like The Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, and Batman Begins were forged in Pozorrubio.

The University of Luzon’s researchers also participated in the event, showcasing their projects and research. The team included Dr. Jeanica C. Joson (Team Leader), Prof. Darwin M. Juguilon, Prof. Marvin T. Samson, Dr. Ma. Emma J. Tuvera, Prof. Alvin O. Carillo, Prof. Ma. Theresa H. Bianzon, Dr. Jean V. Ramos, and Dr. Maribeth J. Dulnuan.

The Artisanal Fair, which began on April 27, was a unique opportunity for people to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Pangasinan. The University of Luzon is proud to have been part of this initiative and to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the region’s culture and arts.

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*Note: This article has been revised to correct an error in the original text. The blades featured in popular movies like The Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, and Batman Begins were not forged in Pozorrubio, but rather, replicas of them were created there. We apologize for any confusion or misinformation that may have been caused by the original version of this article.