University of Luzon Receives Academic Consultation on Internationalization

Posted on 28th of Oct 2023 by


On October 28, 2023, Dr. Christine N. Ferrer, CHED (Commission on Higher Education) Region 1 Director, visited the University of Luzon to provide academic consultation on internationalization. The meeting, which took place in the President’s Office, was attended by the university’s higher-ups and administrators.

Dr. Ferrer’s visit was part of CHED’s ongoing push to internationalize schools and universities across the country. In her meeting with the University of Luzon officials, Dr. Ferrer shared her insights and expertise on internationalization best practices, and helped the university develop a strategic plan to achieve its internationalization goals.

The University of Luzon is committed to becoming a global leader in higher education. The university’s internationalization plan includes initiatives to increase student and faculty mobility, develop international partnerships, and offer globally relevant programs and curricula.

The university’s administration is grateful to Dr. Ferrer and CHED for their support. The academic consultation on internationalization was a valuable opportunity for the university to learn from experts in the field and develop a plan to achieve its internationalization goals.