University of Luzon IRO Fosters Sustainability Efforts at Global Congress in Bangkok

Posted on 18th of Jun 2024 by


The University of Luzon (UL) celebrates the successful participation of our International Relations Office (IRO) team in the prestigious Global Sustainable Development Congress (GSDC) held in Bangkok, Thailand, from June 10th to 13th, 2024. Organized by the esteemed Times Higher Education (THE), the GSDC served as a valuable platform for the IRO team to engage in knowledge exchange, collaboration building, and future-proofing strategies focused on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A Hub for Learning and Collaboration

The GSDC offered a comprehensive program brimming with valuable information on critical aspects of global sustainability endeavors. A particular emphasis was placed on achieving the UN’s SDGs, resonating deeply with UL’s core values. Key highlights that captured the UL delegation’s interest included:

  • Harnessing the Power of AI in Education: The congress explored innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance learning outcomes and promote a more sustainable educational environment. This aligns perfectly with UL’s commitment to continuous improvement and embracing technological advancements.
  • Developing Green Skills for the Future: Equipping graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a green economy was a central theme, mirroring UL’s emphasis on fostering well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.
  • Embracing Sustainable Practices: Sharing best practices for integrating sustainability into university operations and promoting responsible environmental stewardship resonated deeply with the UL delegation. They actively sought to learn from leading institutions in this area.
  • Navigating an Interconnected World: The GSDC emphasized the importance of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in achieving global sustainability goals. This aligns perfectly with UL’s vision of fostering a global network of partnerships dedicated to a sustainable future.

The UL IRO team actively participated in discussions and workshops, gleaning valuable insights into these critical areas. Learning from leading experts and engaging with representatives from other universities and organizations provided an opportunity to benchmark UL’s initiatives against global best practices, further strengthening the independent efforts that secured our recent WURI ranking achievements.

A Privilege and a Catalyst for Connection

A notable highlight of the GSDC was the inclusion of Director Angel Samson Reyna Jr. in a special VIP event – the Global Sustainability Leaders’ Summit – reserved for university presidents, leaders, and esteemed guests. This invitation underscores UL’s growing reputation as a leader in sustainability efforts. Director Reyna actively participated in the program alongside other VIPs, including Paul Howarth, the CEO of Times Higher Education. This enriching experience provided valuable insights and the opportunity to connect with key figures shaping the global sustainability agenda.

Building Bridges for a Sustainable Future

Beyond the informative sessions, the GSDC facilitated the development of valuable international connections. The UL delegation had the privilege of networking with colleagues from Philippine universities and institutions who were also part of the wider GSDC congress. These connections will pave the way for future collaborations, knowledge-sharing, and joint ventures aimed at advancing the cause of sustainability.

A Testament to UL’s Global Vision

Director Reyna expressed his pride in UL’s participation, stating, “This invitation-only event underscores CHED’s trust in the University of Luzon’s commitment to sustainability, a commitment that independently led to our recent WURI ranking achievements. The knowledge and connections gained will significantly contribute to our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainable practices across all facets of university life.”

The participation of the UL IRO team in the GSDC reinforces the university’s dedication to building a more sustainable future. By actively engaging in international discourse and fostering collaboration with leading institutions, UL positions itself as a leader in global sustainability efforts. The knowledge and connections gained from this experience will undoubtedly contribute to shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.