University of Luzon Hosts Successful 6th Cybersecurity Conference: “AI Wars: Defending Against Next-Generation Cyber Threats”

Posted on 22nd of Apr 2024 by


The University of Luzon (UL) took center stage in the fight against cybercrime as it hosted the 6th annual Cybersecurity Conference on April 18th, 2024. Themed “AI Wars: Defending Against Next-Generation Cyber Threats,” the conference brought together a distinguished roster of speakers and engaged a wide audience of students, educators, and cybersecurity professionals.

The event kicked off with a thought-provoking keynote address by Dr. Elizalde Duran, Head of the Center for Cybersecurity and Safety at the Philippine Public Safety College. Dr. Duran’s expertise provided a powerful foundation for the day’s discussions, highlighting the critical need to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Following the keynote address, a series of plenary presentations offered attendees in-depth insights into various aspects of AI-powered threats and defense strategies. Mr. Omar Palaming, CEO of PhilIT System Design Solutions Co., opened the plenary session with a talk titled “Secure Future with Hashgraph, the Future of Blockchain,” exploring the potential of blockchain technology in fortifying cybersecurity measures.

PLt. Sharmaine Jesse D. Labrado, Chief of Digital Forensic Section Regional Anti-Cybercrime Unit 1 of the Philippine National Police, followed with a presentation on the “Cybercrime Landscape in the Philippines.” This vital presentation provided crucial context for understanding the specific threats faced by the nation’s digital infrastructure.

Mr. Orlando Seachon Jr., Country Manager of CompTIA Phils., continued the discourse with his talk on the “State of Cybersecurity 2024.” Offering an industry perspective, Mr. Seachon’s presentation equipped attendees with the latest trends and developments in the cybersecurity field.

The focus then shifted towards AI-powered defense strategies. Mr. Wilson Chua, CEO at Future Gen International Pte Ltd., delivered a compelling presentation titled “AI-Driven Cybersecurity: Enhancing Defense Against Evolving Threats.” This session explored how artificial intelligence can be harnessed not only to identify vulnerabilities but also to proactively defend against cyberattacks.

Further delving into the potential of AI for security, Mr. Rodel Villarez, Courseware Senior Project Manager at TrendMicro Philippines, presented on “Forward Momentum: Security Prediction in AI Revolution.” Highlighting the predictive capabilities of AI, Mr. Villarez’s session offered valuable insights into how these technologies can assist in anticipating and mitigating future threats.

Marigold Tolentino, Business Development Manager of Cybersecurity Products at PLDT, presented on “AI with Cybersecurity,” fostering a deeper understanding of the practical integration of AI within cybersecurity solutions.

Tzar Umang, AI Engineer at AutoGenie LLC, then explored the darker side of AI with his presentation titled “Deep Fakes, an AI Driven Social Engineering Tool.” This session served as a crucial reminder of the potential for AI to be misused for malicious purposes, emphasizing the need for vigilance and awareness.

Closing the roster of distinguished speakers was Dr. Diosdado Caronongan, Dean of the College of Computer Studies and Program Coordinator of the MIT Cybersecurity program at UL. Dr. Caronongan’s closing presentation provided a fitting culmination to the conference, offering insights and perspectives from the university’s own cybersecurity expertise.

The 6th Cybersecurity Conference served as a resounding success for the University of Luzon. The insightful presentations, interactive discussions, and diverse range of perspectives offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of the evolving nature of cyber threats and the critical role of AI in both offense and defense. This knowledge will undoubtedly empower students, educators, and professionals across the Dagupan region to navigate the digital world with greater confidence and security.