ULCCS Students, Coached by Dean Andrew Caronongan, Compete at Regional Hack4Gov Competition Today

Posted on 7th of Aug 2023 by

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Today, on August 7, 2023, the University of Luzon is buzzing with excitement and pride as four talented students gear up to represent the institution at the prestigious Regional Hack4Gov Competition organized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). YC, Jean, Rizanne, and Francis Mae, under the guidance of their coach, Professor Andrew Caronongan, will be showcasing their cybersecurity skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork in this high-stakes event.

Hack4Gov: Tackling Real-World Cybersecurity Challenges

Hack4Gov is not your ordinary cybersecurity competition. This highly-regarded event is designed to address real-world security problems, putting participants’ knowledge, skills, and collaborative spirit to the test. The competition promises an exhilarating experience, challenging the brightest minds in the region to demonstrate their expertise.

ULCCS Students at the Forefront:

Four exceptional students from the University of Luzon’s College of Computer Studies (ULCCS) have emerged as a formidable team known as “The Packet Monsters.” Today, they are ready to put their skills to the ultimate test as they compete at the regional level, representing the dedication and excellence that the university community is proud of.

Professor Andrew Caronongan: Guiding the Team to Success

The Packet Monsters are under the expert guidance of Professor Andrew Caronongan, who not only leads the team as their coach but also serves as a respected professor at the College of Computer Studies. As a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a wealth of experience in the industry and academia, Professor Caronongan’s mentorship has been instrumental in shaping the team’s approach and fostering an environment of collaboration and determination.

The Journey to Hack4Gov:

The road to the Regional Hack4Gov Competition has been one filled with dedication and hard work. YC, Jean, Rizanne, and Francis Mae were selected through a rigorous selection process, demonstrating their exceptional skills and potential in the field of cybersecurity. Their outstanding academic records and passion for problem-solving made them natural choices to represent the University of Luzon in this prestigious event.

The Hack4Gov Challenge:

Today, during the Regional Hack4Gov Competition, the Packet Monsters will face a series of cybersecurity challenges, each simulating real-world scenarios. These challenges will demand quick thinking, technical expertise, and teamwork to devise effective solutions. Judges and seasoned professionals will closely observe the teams’ performances to identify the most promising cybersecurity talents.

Supporting the Packet Monsters:

The university community and supporters from all corners are urged to rally behind the Packet Monsters today. Your cheers and encouragement can make a tremendous difference, boosting their confidence and motivation as they compete at the regional level.


As the Regional Hack4Gov Competition takes place today, the University of Luzon stands proud of its four exceptional students who are showcasing their cybersecurity prowess and problem-solving abilities. YC, Jean, Rizanne, and Francis Mae, under the expert guidance of Professor Andrew Caronongan, are well-prepared and determined to make their mark at this prestigious event. Let us all join hands in supporting the Packet Monsters and wish them the best of luck on their journey to success. Go Packet Monsters!