UL Shines the Spotlight on High-Achieving Students in Recognition Ceremonies

Posted on 19th of Apr 2023 by

deans and principals 2023

On April 19, 2023, the University of Luzon held separate ceremonies to honor its outstanding students who made it to the Principal’s List and Deans’ List. The ceremony for the Principal’s Listers was conducted in the morning, followed by the ceremony for the Deans’ Listers in the afternoon.

The ceremony for the Principal’s Listers featured Lykadine S. Pagal, a recent cum laude of the University of Luzon and a successful board passer in the recent Criminologist licensure exam, as the keynote speaker. Ms. Pagal delivered an inspiring speech that emphasized the importance of hard work, determination, and excellence in achieving success. Her address encouraged the awardees to continue striving for academic and personal greatness.

Meanwhile, for the Deans’ Lister ceremony, the keynote speaker was Mark Ryan Taminaya, an alumnus of the University of Luzon and a police major. Mr. Taminaya recounted his experiences as a student and the valuable education he received at the university, which he credits for his success in his career. He likewise motivated the awardees to utilize their education to create positive changes in their communities and the larger society.

The ceremonies were held at the Don Luis F. Samson Estadio and were well-attended by the awardees’ parents, faculty members, and fellow students. The Principal’s Listers and Deans’ Listers were called onstage to receive their certificates of recognition.

In total, the University of Luzon recognized 214 students as Principal’s Listers and 278 students as Deans’ Listers, all of whom were commended for their academic achievements. This recognition ceremony attests to the University of Luzon’s unwavering dedication to academic excellence and fostering student success.

The ceremonies were a source of pride for the University of Luzon and its community. They served as a reminder of the vital role of education in shaping individuals and communities and the need to use education to create a positive impact.

The University of Luzon commends all Principal’s Listers and Deans’ Listers for their remarkable achievements. The university is proud of their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments and is excited about their future contributions to society.