Prof. Fernandez and Dr. Ferrer Join Forces to Mainstream Culture and Arts in Region 1

Posted on 8th of Nov 2023 by


Prof. Resty Fernandez, our esteemed Director for Cultural Affairs, brought his passion for the arts to the forefront at the 2023 Region 1 Cultural Conference in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, held last November 8. With a fervent commitment to promoting the cultural richness of our community, Prof. Fernandez actively engaged in discussions that revolved around the conference theme “Mainstreaming Culture, Arts, and Values Towards Inclusive Development.” He emphasized the crucial role of cultural advocacy in shaping a more inclusive and enriched developmental landscape.

In a captivating photo capturing collaboration and shared vision, Prof. Fernandez stands alongside CHED Region 1 Director, Dr. Christine N. Ferrer. Together, they represent a dynamic force working towards integrating culture, arts, and values into the fabric of our region, fostering a more vibrant and culturally aware environment for all.