Enriching the Discourse on Pangasinan: University of Luzon Researchers Take Center Stage at ICPBS 2023

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The University of Luzon (UL) proudly celebrates the active participation of its esteemed faculty members in the recently concluded International Conference on Pangasinan and Bulosan Studies (ICPBS 2023), a landmark event held under the auspices of the Center for Pangasinan Studies (CPS) and the visionary leadership of Hon. Ramon V. Guico III. This esteemed gathering, held from November 27 to 29, 2023, in various venues across Pangasinan, provided a vibrant platform for scholarly discourse, fostering a deeper understanding of the province’s rich heritage, historical significance, and contemporary challenges.

UL’s esteemed presenters showcased their expertise and research prowess, contributing to the conference’s overarching theme of “Expanding the Frontiers of Knowledge on Pangasinan.” Their diverse research topics spanned a wide spectrum, delving into the province’s cultural tapestry, historical narratives, and contemporary issues.

UL Presenters and Research Topics:

  • Jeanica C. Joson, Darwin M. Juguilon, Ma. Emma J. Tuvera, Alvin O. Carillo, Ma. Theresa H. Bianzon, Amalia U. Giron-Dela Cruz and Carmelo John E. Vidal: “Local Industry Analysis of Blacksmithing in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan: The PESTLE Approach”

  • Umeres, Geniel, et al: “Budgeting Activities of Senior High School Students at University of Luzon”

  • Delos Reyes, Angel Lynne, et al: “Advantages of Technologies in the Medical Field: Shaping the Future of Healthcare”

  • Leyland M. De Guzman and Atanacio T. Padawil: “Impact of COVID-19 Among Public Healthcare Frontliner-Survivors in Pangasinan”

  • R. Aparicio, Z.K. Berot, H. M. Datu Indal, K. De Jesus, D. Dumaguin, R. Malicem, RR Navarro, K.A., G. K. A. Pariño, L. I. Penequito, R. Padua, I. Cuartel, P. Agcaoili: “Challenges Encountered by the Learners and the Assistance Provided by the Parents and Teachers during Covid-19 Pandemic”

  • Princess Karren G. Taloban and Salvador G. Samson: “Repercussions of Pandemic on the Psychological Behavior of Pangasinan Criminology Students”

  • Joann E. Orbillo and Carmelo John E. Vidal: “Rhythms and Rituals: Pangasinan Festival Vernacular Dances”

  • Melchor Navarro Serapion: “Reconfiguring the Adaptive Use of a Dry Creek as an Urban Green Space through Activity Nodes: The Case of Colos Creeks in Mapandan, Pangasinan”

  • Jasper C. Ocampo: “Knowledge and Perceived Challenges on Renewable Energy System Among Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Pangasinan”

  • J.M. Pascua, Y.N. Quinto, R. Rioferio, D. Dumaguin, J.N. Rodriguez, I. Cuartel: “Influence of Mobile Technologies to The Pre-Service Teacher’s Mobile Learning”

  • Geronimo A. Carvajal, Ron Neil Raineer Estrada, Hapilen Dacasin and Melvin Eucapor: “Effectiveness of Hybrid Learning Among 2nd Year Nursing Students of University of Luzon”: Kyla Mae B. Palazo, Sharmaine B. Ungay, Hannah Louise M. Tinte, Romulo R. Caguimbal. “Adaptation of a Real-Time Flood Monitoring System in the Province of Pangasinan”

  • Ma. Lorena T. Ancheta and Sheree G. Ganzon: “Anti-Microbial Stewardship Practices of Hospital Pharmacists in Private Hospitals in Pangasinan”

  • Glory T. Joven and Carmelo John E. Vidal: “Cultural Competence Correlates of Indigenous Peoples Education Teachers in the Province of Pangasinan”

  • Jhared C. Calimlim and Ma. Teresa A. Estrada: “Utilization of Animated Video-assisted Instruction in the General Chemistry in a Pangasinan Senior High School”

  • Sheilah Mae A. Carayugan and Sally A. Somintac: “Prevalence of Fake News in Relation to the Responsible Netizenship Among Pangasinan Criminology Students”

  • Ron Neil Raineer G. Estrada: “Revitalizing Pangasinan Language Thru Artificial Intelligence”

  • Marion Leila M. Gumawid and Susan S. Guevarra: “Perspectives on Pangasinan Youth Participation in Organizations”

  • Lady Lee A. Abalos, Marienne C. Bauzon, Lazel P. Batin, Dyna C. Lomboy, Marlo Louisse A. Mondero: “The Effectiveness of Music Therapy to Reduce Stress Level Among 2nd Year Nursing Students of University of Luzon”

  • Marvex P. Cacanando, et al: “International On-the-Job Training Experiences of Pangasinan HRM Students”

  • Racquel M. Mejia, Jeanica C. Joson, Alvin O. Carillo, Marvex P. Cacanando: “Students’ Satisfaction on Hospitality and Tourism Management Program of an HEI in Pangasinan”

  • Ma. Theresa H. Bianzon, Anie Rose Domantay, Aira Jane Lee, Nicole Andrea Buya, Angelo Mathew Bato, Kaye Cee Ayson, Jann Maeka Flor, Ralph Kevin Baniqued, Gerard Christian Guarin: “Sustainable Tourism Practices of Jovellanos Beach Resort in San Fabian, Pangasinan”

  • Christian R. Mamaril and Mark Gemson G. Espinoza: “Performance Efficiency of the Development Projects of Selected Municipal Governments in Pangasinan”

  • Chigozie Joan Uzu and Jean V. Ramos: “Rice Cake Business Production in Calasiao, Pangasinan”

  • Dyann S. Ramos and Amalia U. Giron-Dela Cruz: “Entrepreneurialism of Agriculture-based One-Town One-Product (OTOP) Ventures in Pangasinan, Philippines”

  • Joanne F. Ubaldo: “Cooperative Storytelling in Enhancing Students’ Speaking Proficiency in a Pangasinan Higher Education Institution”

  • Jesus S. Aquino: “English Grammar Error Analysis Among Pangasinan Criminology Students”

  • Angelica A. Barte, et al: “Perception of Senior High School Students on their Course Preference Based on Strand”

  • Sherryl D. Delos Santos and Virginia M. Resultay: “Business Administration Student’s Competence on SAP One in the University of Luzon, Dagupan City, Pangasinan”

  • Alvin O. Carillo: “Impact Evaluation of University Community Extension Services in Pangasinan”

  • Alpha Joy G. Ramos and Eugevar G. Silang: “Development of a Secure and Efficient Barangay-based Information Management System for LGUs in Pangasinan”

  • Chris Mark C. Aquino and Diosdado C. Caronongan: “Fortifying Public Wifi Network Security Towards a Digital Community in Pangasinan”

  • Jimmy Bhoy T. Galliguez and Aldrin A. Aquino: “Local Youth Council (Sangguniang Kabataan) Members’ Management Skills Needs in Pangasinan”

  • Leo S. Llamas and Esther B. Vedaña: “Police Drug Enforcement Operations in the Province of Pangasinan”

The conference’s diverse range of topics extended beyond traditional Pangasinan studies, encompassing modern fields such as technology, social media, and sustainable energy. This thematic breadth reflected the conference’s commitment to addressing contemporary issues that shape Pangasinan’s trajectory.

UL’s participation in ICPBS 2023 exemplifies its unwavering commitment to promoting Pangasinan studies and fostering a culture of intellectual inquiry. The university is deeply committed to nurturing its faculty members’ research endeavors, ensuring that their knowledge and expertise contribute meaningfully to the advancement of Pangasinan studies.

ICPBS 2023 serves as a testament to UL’s pivotal role in shaping the narrative of Pangasinan’s past, present, and future. The university’s unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant intellectual community, where scholars and researchers can collaborate to illuminate the province’s rich tapestry and chart a course for its sustainable and inclusive development, remains paramount.