Congressional Committee on Higher and Technical Education: University of Luzon’s Dean Joins Key Dialogue

Posted on 18th of Apr 2023 by

Doc cj 2023

Dr. Carmelo John Vidal, the Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Luzon, participated in the Townhall Meeting of the Congressional Committee on Higher and Technical Education on April 18, 2023. The event, held at the JPL Hall of Freedom in Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila Campus, was attended by key figures in Philippine education, including Hon. Mark O. Go, Chairperson of the Working Committee on Higher and Technical Education.

The meeting discussed the current state of the Philippine education system, with a particular focus on the overregulation of private higher institutions. This is a concern shared by the University of Luzon, which falls under the category of private higher institutions affected by such regulations. Dr. Vidal’s attendance at the meeting underscored the University’s commitment to actively engage in the ongoing discussions and contribute to the efforts to improve the higher education landscape in the country.

Dr. Vidal’s participation in the meeting demonstrates his dedication to advancing the University of Luzon’s mission of providing quality education and contributing to the broader discourse on higher education in the country. The University of Luzon recognizes the importance of engaging with policymakers and education officials to address the challenges facing the higher education sector, particularly private higher institutions.

The University of Luzon commends Hon. Mark O. Go and the members of the Congressional Committee on Higher and Technical Education for their efforts to improve the education system in the country. We look forward to the outcomes of this Townhall Meeting and hope that the discussions will result in concrete actions that will benefit the entire higher education community in the Philippines.

In conclusion, the University of Luzon remains committed to actively engaging in important conversations on higher education and working collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure the delivery of quality education in the Philippines.