College of Education

College of Education like no other

We care about our young people, and we want them to succeed. That’s why our school is all about providing the best educational tools that will enable them realize their potentials which are already inside them.” – Dean Imelda E. Cuartel, Phd.

The College of Education provides students with the broad knowledge of the field in Bachelor Elementary Education and Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English, Mathematics, Filipino, Biological Science and Physical Science.

This department, which serves as the home of the nation’s future educators, is grounded on the belief that language, literacy skills, science, study of relationships using numbers and physical trainings are essential to every aspect of an individual’s life and that academically equipped individuals  contribute positively to our social, cultural, and economic well-being.

That is why, in preparing the students become efficient teachers of the 21st century, the College of Education offers well-researched programs and up-to-date techniques to accommodate each student’s interests and needs. Furthermore, the University of Luzon unceasingly innovates itself in this field which is chiefly based on its founding in 1948.

When it produced its first batch of graduates in 1952, the UL envisioned that a great number of teachers will be employed in both public and private schools in Luzon, particularly in Region I. But with the introduction of modern technology, this vision, 62 years after, has brought the College of Education to greater heights when most of its graduates became successful teachers here and abroad.

Working with premier faculty in the field, the UL’s College of Education was granted a Level I status by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) in 1998. PACUCOA is a private accrediting agency which gives formal recognition to an educational institution by attesting that its academic program maintains excellent standards in its educational operations.

Having maintained very high educational standards and with prestige and quality comparable to similar programs in excellent foreign institutions, the College of Education, after passing the 15-year litmus test, today healthily sustains its Level IV Accredited Status – the highest level of accreditation to be classified by the PACUCOA.

These shared achievements provide indicators such as significant improvement in the quality of facilities, library, laboratories, services and teachers, increase in the percentage of board passers, success in employment and higher level of competence of graduates, empowerment of administrators, faculty, non-teaching personnel and students.

Drawing on the wide-ranging experience and expertise of its faculty members, the UL constantly advances itself by enhancing leadership dynamics through research and development, relevant community extensions and working linkages – all for the young people’s future as they make the world a better place.

Areas of Study

  • Bachelor in Secondary Education

    Bachelor in Secondary Education majors in:
    (a) English
    (b) Filipino
    (c) Mathematics
    (d) Biological Science
    (e) Physical Science

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

    (a) Bachelor of Elementary Education
    (b) Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Pre-School Education

  • Bachelor of Physical Education

  • Laboratory School Elementary and High School (Complete K-12 Program)

    (a) Elementry (K-Grade 6)
    (b) Junior Highschool (Grade 7-Grade 10)
    (c) Senior High School (Grade 11- Grade 12)

  • Double Degree Programs

    (In consortium with Manila Times College)

    Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majors in:
    (a) English
    (b) Tagalog