College of Business Administration

A Glance at the UL’s College of Business Administration

We mean business when we say that our young people’s minds are capable of reaching their own dreams. For that’s the foundation of UL.”  – Dr. Amalia G. Dela Cruz

At the University of Luzon’s College of Business Administration, students will find resources and the most appropriate learning environment indispensable in realizing their highest potentials if they are to cope with the ever-changing business climate.

With the school’s state-of-the-art facilities and up-to-date instructional curriculum, teaching methodologies and materials, the UL and its team of innovators offer student experiences across a broad spectrum of academic environments.

Its main program is to empower students with a basic and clear understanding of the functions of every division in a company or corporation, be it in marketing, finance, operations, human resources, and office management. On top of this, teachers have also designed a tool that emphasizes leadership skills and interpersonal activities which prepare the students in handling managerial and supervisory positions.

Part of the students’ major undertakings in this field is the “on-the-job training” which basically provides them practical trainings in real-life scenarios in order to give concrete meanings to the theories and learning posited in the classroom.

In harnessing the ingenuity of young business-minded students, the school, in the face of globalization, extended itself in the international community through their externship program – a six (6)-month International Practicum Training Program (IPTP) in Phuket, Thailand, also in the United States of America.

Since its founding in 1948, the College of Business Administration has produced a multitude of entrepreneurs, bankers, executives, salesmen, secretaries and clerks whose achievements contribute to social, cultural and economic well-being of our country. It now serves as one of the most reliable institutions of business students and professionals in Region I.

“The College of Business Administration known then as College of Commerce is time tested and its six decades of quality instruction are punctuated by various recognitions,” said Dr. Mac Arthur Samson, UL president.

In 1988, the PACUCOA recognized the college’s excellence, granting it the Level I accreditation. And despite the delay brought about by the 1990 earthquake that adversely affected the university, it managed to get the Level 2 Accreditation in 1993. In 1997, the college was awarded Level 2 Re-accreditation which later earned the Second Reaccreditation for Level 2 in 2003. As further affirmation of its continuous excellent performance, Level III was awarded to the college in September 2007.

Last 2012, Level IV – the highest accreditation was granted to the college by the PACUCOA, a private accrediting agency which gives formal recognition to an educational institution by attesting that its academic program maintains excellent standards in its educational operations.

Today, the UL’s College of Business Administration systematically innovates itself through the use of modern approach and technology as they provide a roadmap for committed students who will define the future of our nation’s economy and take a crack at the opportunities offered by the global business and labor market.

Areas of Study

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majors in:
    (a) Entrepreneurship
    (b) Business Management
    (c) Marketing Management
    (d) Financial Management
    (e) Operations Management
    (f) Human Resource Management
    (g) Business Economics
    (h) Business Accounting and Auditing

  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration

  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

  • Bachelor of International Finance

  • Bachelor of International Marketing