Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence: A Week-Long Festivity at University of Luzon

Posted on 27th of Mar 2023 by

foundation week 2023-2

Last week, the University of Luzon celebrated its 75th Founding Anniversary with a week-long celebration from March 21 to 24, 2023, also known as the Foundation Week. The festivities included various events and activities, showcasing the school’s rich history and culture.

The celebration kicked off on the first day with a mass blood drive, which aimed to encourage students and faculty members to donate blood and save lives. The event was a huge success, with a total amount of 129,150 cubic centimeters of blood collected from 287 donors, both students and employees. This activity highlighted the school’s commitment to social responsibility and service to the community.

The second day started with a Thanksgiving Mass in the morning, which was attended by students, faculty members, and other members of the school community. The Mass gave thanks for the blessings the school has received over the past 75 years and recognized the contributions of its founders and benefactors.

In the afternoon of the second day, the school community gathered for a Field Demonstration, where students showcased their dancing skills. This activity highlighted the school’s vibrant and diverse culture, which is a product of the various regions and provinces that its students come from.

The third day started with a motorcade in the morning, where the school’s faculty members and students paraded around the city, showcasing their school pride and unity. In the evening, the school held the Mr. & Ms. UL pageant, which recognized the most outstanding male and female students of the school.

The pageant saw the participation of several talented candidates who presented themselves with confidence and grace. The winners of the pageant were Andrei Marc Mejia (Mr. UL) and Marienne Celeste Bauzon (Ms. UL), who impressed the judges with their outstanding talents, intelligence, and beauty. Their victory brought pride and honor to the school community and showcased the school’s commitment to providing a holistic education to its students.

It is also worth noting that the pageant saw the participation of two foreign students, Hassan Hussein Elhagali and Sylvia Omunna, who demonstrated the school’s commitment to internationalization. Their participation highlighted the school’s diversity and openness to welcoming students from different parts of the world.

On the final day of the celebration, the school community gathered for a bingo game in the morning, which gave students a chance to win exciting prizes. In the afternoon and evening, the school held the Student Jam, where students gathered to listen to the music of Bandang Lapis, a local band known for its energetic performances.

The week-long festivities were a testament to the University of Luzon’s rich history, culture, and traditions. They showcased the school’s commitment to academic excellence, social responsibility, and service to the community.

As the school looks forward to its next 75 years, it is clear that it will continue to uphold its mission of providing quality education and fostering the holistic development of its students. Congratulations to the University of Luzon on its 75th Founding Anniversary!