A Tale of Two, for All: Two AFTA Members invited as guest lecturers at UL

Posted on 27th of Jan 2023 by

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The Association of Fil-Am Teachers of America, or AFTA, is a group that offers Filipino-American teachers living in the US a network. In addition to giving these teachers a means of communication and cooperation, the organization’s membership also includes some of the most accomplished and brilliant individuals.

Members of the group occasionally take long flights back to the Philippines to share the knowledge they have acquired during their years in the United States with students as well as to share priceless life lessons.

Two such AFTA members visited our university on January 27, 2023: Kris Ramir and Mario Sanchez, MS-FNP, CCRN, and SCRN.

Mr. Mario Sanchez, who graduated from our institution, was highlighted on the home page of our official website. Mr. Mario Sanchez has extensive knowledge in the field of health science and is a registered nurse. His talk, “Acid Base Balance and Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation,” appropriately focused on supplying in-depth knowledge about the aforementioned concepts, and his main audience was made up of students from the College of Nursing and Midwifery, as well as the College of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Pharmacy, and Biology, who can fully utilize the newfound knowledge.

On the other hand, Mr. Kris Ramir spoke about the significance of modifying one’s teaching strategy in accordance with the students’ pre-existing cultures and practices. His seminar, “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” focuses on the methods and factors that must be taken into account to maximize educational effectiveness while respecting the unique and individual differences among people. His seminar’s intended audience consisted of College of Education students, and they were in fact very enthusiastic about the activities.

We are grateful that they visited our university and shared their knowledge with our students. The University of Luzon hopes to work with AFTA more frequently in the future, and we ask students to anticipate more guest lecturers.