UL brass chosen as papal awardee

Posted on 2nd of Dec 2014 by

DAGUPAN CITY – A noted educator and philanthropist here has been chosen to receive the highest Papal award in the form of a cross medal called Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice from Pope Francis for her service to the Roman Catholic Church.

Dr. Aurora Samson-Reyna, University of Luzon (UL) vice president for academic affairs, was informed last Monday about her award by one of the representatives of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan headed by Archbishop Socrates Villegas.

Reacting to the “good news” Samson-Reyna said “the award is extraordinarily humbling, and such great honor is certainly a gift from God for I never thought I’d deserve it.”

“My regular service to the church and to the needy is just part of the special blessings given to me and my family by our merciful God,” she added.

She said, “I thank the Lord for His love manifested in so many ways. All His creations (from macro to micro) are amazingly good; that we have nothing left to say but to live a life of gratitude; a life full of love and hope; and, all these are realized through submitting oneself to His truths.”

“Regardless of who we are in the society, we can always be a blessing to others and serve the extraordinarily gracious God despite our ordinariness,” she pointed out.

The Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (Latin for the Church and the Pope), which is also known as the “Cross of Honour”, was established by Pope Leo XIII on July 17, 1888 to commemorate his golden sacerdotal jubilee and was originally bestowed on men and women who had aided and promoted the jubilee, and by other means assisted in making the jubilee and the Vatican Exposition successful.

It also reflects the importance of faithful lay leadership and represents the special relationship of the archdiocese with the Holy Father and the church.

The award will be presented by Archbishop Villegas to Samson-Reyna on June 24 this year at the Sanctuario De San Juan Evangelista otherwise known as Saint John the Evangelist Cathedral here.