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Welcome to Academic Year 2022-2023, Luzonians!

We are delighted to have you join us here at the University of Luzon. Whether you are coming to us from another school or are beginning your education from scratch, we are thrilled that you have decided to become a part of our community. It is my hope that you will find our community to be one of the best and most supportive places you could hope to spend your educational career. The University will quickly become like a second home to you. Safe, friendly, and full of opportunities to grow as an individual and a member of the group.

I’d like to welcome back any returning students. We anticipate that the coming school year (2022-2023) will bring renewed optimism for the advancement of education and a better future for our families.

The pandemic’s challenges have been successfully overcome, but the world is still recovering. In this day and age of uncertainty, there are countless possibilities. These possibilities also present opportunities for development and change.

As I welcome you to the University of Luzon’s portals, I urge each of you to take advantage of the curricula and top-notch instruction we provide. Your instructors, non-teaching staff, and administrative officers are dedicated to providing you with the exposures and experiences required to prepare you for your desired careers through intellectual, emotional, and social immersions.

The University of Luzon has established its value over seven decades of excellent service, dedication, and excellence by producing graduates who become successful, moral, and skilled professionals. Outstanding businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their respective fields have come from among our alumni. Above all, UL graduates are renowned as outstanding community leaders and social change agents.

I’d like to use this as an opportunity to push you to be your best. Despite how challenging life may be right now, you should not let that stop you from pursuing your goals. Make your parents’ tireless efforts your motivation to take on the outside world and discover your inner strength so that the opportunities we provide at UL will foster your abilities and potential.

But there is only so much we can do. You are responsible for the remainder. Because God has endowed you with limitless potential, while you are a student at UL, train your mind, heart, hand, and soul to be brave, passionate, and determined. UL will assist you in realising all of your goals. All the way, we’ll be here for you. Have no fear. Defy intimidation.

I can picture you as STRONG TIGERS, roaring and taking over the world in due course, say 4 to 6 years.

Welcome to UL, everyone. Let’s all embody #UnasaLahat. God bless you all, and Mabuhay!


University President