BS in Information Technology

The College of Medical Laboratory Science and Pharmacy provides students the best possible educational experience which will give them necessary measures in preparation for chemistry, microbiology, hematology, molecular diagnostics, pharmaceutical works and other related disciplines.

Underscoring the 21st century challenges, the college’s team of certified medical technologists, clinical laboratory instructors and pharmacists strategically facilitate the learners’ unique medical and scientific capabilities through the course’s innovative curriculum.

The rich history of the college does not only contribute to the learning, analysis, diagnosis and research of treatment of diseases, but it also prepares its students in entering the highly-skilled laboratory profession focused on the analysis of patient specimens and the diagnosis and monitor disease process to be able to contribute to overall wellness of their own communities, both here and abroad.

Since its inception, the college’s increasing significance in the assessment of successful medical procedures, use of additional complex instruments and improved laboratories equate the increasing demands in the field of Medicine.

In adherence to the University of Luzon’s leadership principle “Perecias y Valias” (skills and values), the general management, teachers and its students work closely with clinical pathologists, physicians and other health care providers to provide accurate and timely information and to assist in the treatment of patients for the best possible outcome.

This way, the graduates individually realize their full potentials as they face real-life undertakings which will only make them competent operators and partners in clinical laboratory work, academic research, public health, teaching and the pharmaceutical industry.

Also, the academic importance of this course will be continuously enriched and innovated for future success in the field of medical technology, including preparation for the national certification exams. Furthermore, medical technology-pharmacy students will also foster a strong, research oriented scientific framework by carrying out the pride of a true Luzonian.

Looking beyond the school’s campus and regardless of what the future holds, the College of Medical Laboratory Science and Pharmacy’s commitment to the success of each student will never change.